Drinking sugarcane juice has been proven to be very healthy for the body. Sugarcane juice business presents itself as a lucrative venture to start in Ghana. With the current high demand for healthy beverages and Ghanaians new found awareness of fitness and over all healthy living, you are assured of constant business, hence investing in a sugarcane machine would be a worthwhile investment.

So, you want to start a sugarcane juice business. Well, the very first thing you should be looking out for is a sugarcane machine. In this post I will discuss the qualities to look out for when buying a sugarcane machine and also the options available.

A sugarcane machine works by employing a number of rollers to feed the sugarcane into the machine and proceed to crush the sugarcane in between two rollers. The juice is collected into a tray. This is the basic procedure that most sugarcane machines employ.

The bulk of sugarcane machines are manufactured in India and China. Sugarcane machines range from manual hand operated ones, to mechanical machines to fully automated ones equipped with a chilling compartment and an in-built waste bin to collect juiced sugarcane.

When buying a sugarcane machine

Buying a sugarcane machine can be a very tricky business. Knowing what you want and which qualities to look out for will go a long way to guarantee you make the best of your purchase. Here are a few of the qualities to look out for.

The sugarcane machine you purchase should be made of food grade steel. Every part of the machine that comes into contact with the sugarcane should be made out of food grade steel. Verify to make sure it’s the case. Check to make sure even the rollers are made of food grade steel. This will ensure your machine doesn’t develop rust and lead to food poisoning.

The machine should run on what I call the ‘one touch’ principal. Instances of human contact to the cane should be reduced to the barest minimum. An ideal machine would be the kind that allows feeding of the sugarcane and the rest is done by the machine without touching the sugarcane. This will also help reduce the introduction of foreign substances into the juice, giving you fresh and pure sugarcane juice.

Manual sugarcane machines require a lot of energy to operate. They can be slow and labour intensive but they are the least expensive. A motor can be fitted to a manual sugarcane machine locally to make it a mechanical one.  I know a very talented local engineer who does it beautifully.

The video above demonstrates the use of the manual sugarcane machine. This type  is currently  available. It can be labour intensive but, as stated earlier it can be fitted with a motor to make it mechanical.

It is very important to make sure the machine you decide to purchase is easy to operate and clean. The juicing chamber may be covered with a transparent material so you see the juicing process. This is not necessary, but it would be good to have. Pay attention to the energy consumption of the machine you intend to buy, a high energy consuming machine translates into high electricity bills at the end of the month. Ideally the energy consumption of a sugarcane machine should not exceed 400 Watts to make it viable.

Look for a machine that is reasonably quiet and produces less noise. Noise tends to be a problem when you are operating a kitchen type set up. If you plan to operate a mobile sugarcane juice bar, one of the qualities to look out for is the weight of the machine. It should be easy to carry around. A weight of 25 kg should be manageable. Ensure safety by purchasing a machine that has an emergency stop switch.

Do you want to buy a sugarcane machine? Get in touch, let’s make sure you make the most out of your purchase.

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